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Antelope Valley Futbol Club

AVFC is dedicated and serves the Antelope Valley Youth Soccer by offering excellent youth soccer programs.

We emphasize the four components of the game.

  1. Techniques
  2. Tactics
  3.  Physical
  4. Psychological      

 Our goal is the pursuit of excellence in all levels of soccer.

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The Top 5 Soccer Coaching Philosophies

Soccer Coaching Philosophies

Are you coaching soccer, whether it is youth soccer, high school soccer or just for fun?

If you said yes to this question, then my next question is what is your coaching philosophy?

Whether you are coaching youth, collegiate, or professional players, you will develop your own soccer philosophy so that you can motivate your players on your team.

After all, you must know that not one coaching style is going to work in every situation and every new player that comes onto your team is likely going to require you to adapt to the talent he or she has on the court.

Here is a look at some of those soccer coaching philosophies and how you can implement them with your team and your practice plan. Keep in mind that your team may change over time, which will require you to adapt as well. But if you’re able to do so, you’re going to give your team a chance to be winners on and off the field.

#1 Fundamental Philosophy

Whether it’s Leonel Messi, or any other SOCCER superstar, they all played youth soccer at some point. For parents and coaches, soccer leagues are great to keep your kid active and interested in teamwork and sports.

The fundamental coaching philosophy consists of teaching basic soccer fundamentals such as shooting, dribbling, passing, and etc. If your players learn and understand the proper shooting fundamentals, your team will be a good shooting team no matter what offense you run. The fundamentals of shooting include proper footwork, position, follow-through, and so on.

This coaching philosophy is for coaches who have a younger team and loves “attention to detail” and also understands that the little things count.

Here are some vital tips when utilizing the fundamental coaching philosophy:

  • As a coach, it’s vital that you are able to teach the right fundamentals that will last with players for their remainder of their playing careers.
  • It’s also vital as a coach that you you are able to be yourself while teaching kids valuable lessons.

For children who are just lacing up their shoes for the first time, they may not be interested in scoring or even winning championships. And as hard as it may be for you to deal with that, at the fundamental level it is valuable philosophy to be able to implement.

Do You Want To LEARN How To Coach Youth Soccer with Tips & Drills?

#2 Autocratic Philosophy

As children get a bit older, the assertion and required passion will shift from fundamentals to a desire to win and demonstrate a difference in talent levels. This is where you can utilize the autocratic soccer coaching philosophy and can excel.

These types of coaches make the decisions for their team and demonstrate a tough-love type of atmosphere in practice and during games. Players may not completely understand the passion that comes at this time, but as they get older they’ll quickly learn the importance and methodology that their coaches put into place.

#3 Democratic and Goal Oriented Philosophy

Democratic and goal oriented soccer coaching philosophies are often found within teams that may not have a superstar, but rather a complete team that can come together and be there best. You have seen the stories and heard of teams that were able to upset the much more talented opposing teams.

Well this wouldn’t have been possible without teamwork and a goal to drive to. Coaches who implement these specific type of philosophies put an emphasis on letting the team run itself and the players making the best decisions for the team.

In doing so, the main goal is to win games and achieve greater success. That doesn’t always mean that only a championship is the way of judging a successful season, but rather building as an individual on and off the court.

Their goal was to play fundamental soccer compete from an athletic stand point and out smart us on the field.

#4 Aggressive Philosophy

As players get older and certain individuals separate themselves from the rest of the talent pool, it can be difficult for a coach to keep everyone on the team together.

This is especially apparent at the collegiate level when some players are only there with the intentions of catapulting themselves into the professional. When this becomes the case, aggressive soccer coaching philosophies are seen by many of the best college coaches in the world.

Whether it’s Messi or Suarez, they all have a bit of edge to them that really makes their teams work harder and gets them motivated. These coaches are known for sticking up for their teams and pointing their aggression at referees, especially since they know that they have certain talent on their team that is there only to make it to the professional.

In addition, these types of coaches have to manage different types of egos. An aggressive soccer coaching philosophy allows for coaches to hold control of the team, while still maximizing the talent they have on the team.

Three reasons to be considerate when utilizing the Aggressive Coaching Philosophy.

As a coach, you have to be smart on how you use aggression as a coaching style. Any aggression should have a positive reinforcement. Be constructive not critical!

#5 Humanistic Philosophy

If you ever become a professional soccer coach or are a current professional soccer coach, you will always wonder why it is so hard to control players in the same way.

After all, asking players to run a set of suicides can seem to be a bit overdone when they are getting paid millions of dollars to show up. Instead, great coaches like Pep Guardiola have shown that a humanistic approach, which is where they implement a plan and let the players carry it out, can be incredibly successful at this level.

A humanistic approach varies in success, considering some players get paid and their production drops off. But when done the right way, it can be the most successful coaching philosophy around individuals who get paid extremely large amounts of money to play a game for a living.


If you want to become a good coach, you will first have to develop a coaching philosophy that fits your personality and teaching method.

Each coach has their own way of running their team. However, a lot of this has to do with the age level and the talent that makes up the team. With the philosophies outlined here, coaches have a better idea of what may be best to try with their team and how they can get the most success out of their players.

Whatever your coaching style is, coach and teach with passion!


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AVFC Announces Atlas FC. (MEXICO) in process to join AVFC !!

Antelope Valley Futbol Club

Antelope Valley Futbol Club is a 501c (3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide developmental and competitive soccer programs for players in the Antelope Valley.

Our club offers programs for all youth age groups and levels. Your player can begin their soccer journey in our mini program, which is offered at age 5, and play until our top age group, U19. Gender is not a factor as we cater to both boys and girls.

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Antelope Valley Futbol Club



The name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back.

You don’t learn soccer.
When you’re born it comes in your blood.


    AVFC is pleased to announce that our Club has been entrusted to HOST THE SUPER CUP BY FIGO7.

    We cordially invite all Coaches & Managers to be part of this mega event.

    Main presentation will be held at Lancaster National Soccer Complex East side, TUESDAY APRIL 10th. AT 6:00 pm.

    For more information please call

    Julio Piñeros at (786) 346-8760

    David Lopez at (661) 433-5981

    Congratulations to Bryan Lima ! Named to the 2002 Boys' ODP Team Roster will travel to Sweden in July 2018

    From Bryan Lima

    I started in AVFC when I was 9 years old. I made tryouts with the team that was U-12, 3 years older than my age. I played three seasons with that team Silver, them move to Silver Elite and Gold  Coach David López was the Coach at that time of Boys U-12 team. Coach David was the one who gave me the opportunity to play for AVFC. Later I was transferred to another AVFC team that was just starting at my own age of 2000 starting in Bronze until reaching Premier in that journey in 2015 was called to make tryouts for ODP in Bakersfield to stay among the 100 players from Cal South group of 2002 of those 100 players I managed to stay in the group of 36 and then stay within  the 18 players who travel to the Regionals in Phoenix Arizona where the following year I was selected to make tryouts for the regional team in Moscow Idaho in the camp we had 98 players from 14 states again I managed to stay among the 18 players that travel to Tampa Florida and I was also selected to travel to San Sebastian Spain to a camp of the club Real Sociedad in Spain and Antiguoko KE. with the Tampa Florida team I will travel to Sweden in July 2018 to the Gothia Cup tournament. I thank the AVFC Club and Coach David Lopez for all the opportunity and support. To all the Coaches with whom I have been since each of them I have learned. But the most important. I thank my Dad and my Mom who have always been for me supporting my dream. Also I thank  God for all this blessing.



    Boys 2000 Premier team

    Coach by Cesar Hurtado

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